UPDATED Suggestions for Healing Akathisia

I want to share a few things that I believe may be very helpful for those working their way through Akathisia. I’m not sure how quickly or thoroughly healing can happen if one continues to take the offending meds. I’m also not sure how quickly or thoroughly healing can happen if one doesn’t first approach cleaning up their diet and environmental toxins, this includes negative or unsupportive people. I believe a peaceful environment with as much loving support is extremely important.

I also believe cutting sugar and caffeine and processed foods, MSG, fake sugars is also very important. I believe a GOOD probiotic is of ULTIMATE IMPORTANCE. And I believe soothing and tapping into your soul is very important. I believe working with your subconscious to facilitate a more speedy recovery can be very effective. The best I’ve found are VSL3 and Custom Probiotics brands.

I’m not sure which supplements and which vitamins are helpful honestly. I know B6 helped me, but when I read about the GABA/Glutamate balance system, maybe it’s not the best bet. I’m really not sure, and it may depend on a per case basis. You might want to look into that GABA/Glutamate system, or if you can’t sit still, have someone do it for you. I wish I had time to research, but I don’t have the time to devote to do proper research right now, but I want you to have the info anyway. So there’s that.

I know if you have JUST taken the offending med and you only had one, or a few doses, then high doses of vitamin C may be very helpful for detoxing that med out of your body. Long term high Vit C can cause anxiety, does for some, not at all for others. So I can only say for sure that it’s a really good option for short term detoxing and will be most effective if you hadn’t taken the offending med for an extended period of time.

Speaking of detox, I HAVE TO mention infrared. I have had AMAZING results from this infrared mat – http://lifematspro.com/product/small-lifemats-pro-amethyst-mat/ . I could go on and on about the health benefits I’ve experienced from regularly using this product for just a few months, but it doesn’t pertain specifically to Akathisia so I won’t bore you with the details. Suffice to say, I can absolutely 100% recommend this for detoxing the body. If there’s any chance that accumulated meds are one of the reasons Akathisia lasts so long for some people, then this mat is an absolute MUST for a speedy and thorough recovery! This company sells these mats for 1/4 of what they cost elsewhere, so please do take advantage of their pricing while it lasts. This is one product I would LOVE TO GET FEEDBACK on once you try it. I really do believe this along with my other few strong recommendations on this post could turn things around for you very quickly.

Balancing the minerals in the body is KEY too. I believe Magnesium is HUGELY IMPORTANT for most people, especially those who suffer anxiety and certainly anyone dealing with Akathisia. The one I have found most effective is the plain CALM powder. I’d suggest just taking like a 1/4 tsp every few days in warm water and do that for a week or two and see how you feel. If you are feeling improvement bump it up a bit. But the full teaspoon dosage can be a lot for someone who has never supplemented with Mag before so be sure to work your way up. And I don’t recommend taking anything every single day, that’s just my belief. So skip days here and there and even weeks here and there if you aren’t feeling the effectiveness as you once were. Then start up again when you are craving it. Use your intuition the best you can with all supplementation – Your body knows.

*UPDATE FOR MAGNESIUM – Due to a reader’s experience I want to highly recommend you try transdermal magnesium instead of oral, or maybe even along with it. The brand I have been using for years is called Ancient Minerals and it comes in gel, spray and lotion. I found the spray and cream aren’t as effective as the gel, but to each his own. Either way, I know it’s effective for many health issues, as well as keeping the body/mind balanced and definitely a must try for anyone suffering akathisia.

I’m honestly not sure why I didn’t think to recommend transdermal, as my experience with it has been very positive. The only issue is, when you are suffering akathisia you are already uncomfortable and dermal magnesium can cause prickly, burning sensations while you’re marinating in it. For this reason, I generally only apply it to my lower arms and lower legs and feet. I allow it to sit for up to an hour then wash it off. I know my uncle slaps it on all over and goes to bed with it, never rinses. Again, depends on how it affects you, you’ll figure out what works best. They say the burning/tingling is most profound when your body needs mag the most. Interesting.

Another way to balance minerals is by using something called Cell Food. Their ingredients are a mystery. I’ve spent lots of time researching the product, because it produces GREAT RESULTS for me whenever I’m feeling physically off or depleted, but I still don’t know exactly what it is other than a mixture of trace minerals. Also, when I use this regularly I feel much better on a whole than when I forget to use it. I would definitely recommend giving this a try and would love to hear your feedback of how it worked for you.

EFT/Tapping may be the MOST EFFECTIVE treatment for Akathisia after basic detoxing of course. This was the most effective proactive work I did toward really overcoming the residual anxiety I had after coming down from Akathisia. That residual anxiety lasted a year or so for me, but once I started doing tapping, I healed pretty rapidly. I have since learned that it calms the CNS and that is ultimately EXACTLY WHAT YOU ARE LOOKING TO DO. By far the best practitioner with the best method I have ever experienced is the process created by David Feinstein – http://www.innersource.net/ep/promise-of-ep.html . I am in no way affiliated with these people or their company, I just know from experience his method is powerful and healing. David is Donna Eden’s husband, she is a very knowledgeable energy worker and he works in the realm of energy psychology, which is tapping. I think you can find some of their stuff on YouTube, but honestly, I haven’t looked in a while. I’d highly suggest getting his book/DVD bundle, because the DVD takes you through the process so you can learn to memorize how to do it easily.

Also, there’s a couple audio books I think worthy of your time. They’re not magic, but helpful, inspiring and very positive. There are a couple others, but I simply don’t have access to my stuff since I’m in the process of moving and having to stay somewhere temporarily without all my beloved books. I will get back to you with those titles as soon as possible.

The ones I can very confidently recommend for now are:

The Power of Your Subconscious Mind by Joseph Murphy. This was written quite a long time ago, so it’s a bit dated in the way he speaks of things, but the message is powerful and reassuring. It shows us just how powerful we are when we work with our minds, rather than letting it work against us. Miracles can happen. Spontaneous healing can happen. It’s just a concept worth knowing.

Instant Healing by Serge Kahili King. He also explains how powerful the mind is in healing the body. Very positive dude. Interesting exercises. Worth a listen. I’ve listened to my copy countless times for a reason.

I also believe Patti Conklin is a very powerful and intelligent figure in the world of healing. I’ve had her Color Works CD for many years and it was one of the things that really helped me along on my way toward healing http://patticonklin.com/ . When I just went to grab the link for you, I saw she has a CD called Tone Works which sounds very interesting and may be worth looking into as well.

There is a CD called Awakening the Body by Will Johnson. I honestly don’t know anything about this guy, but the CD is great. I know it sounds counter-intuitive to want to awaken the body when you’re suffering Akathisia, but I really do think once you try this you’ll understand. It’s about RELEASING pent up energies, thoughts, traumas. This is definitely worth a try.

There are processes called EMDR and also Brainspotting which I know from personal experience are very effective as well. Both of these modalities really need to be done by a practitioner, so this isn’t really something for you to try on your own. They’re also geared more toward past psychological/emotional trauma and may be most helpful once you’re further along the healing process. But they’re both about releasing, and this is really what your body and mind need to do – DETOX – RELEASE – SOOTHE – HEAL – REBUILD

There is a process called the Sedona Method that is very well known and powerful for anxiety. Though the anxiety associated with Akathisia is 1000x scarier than regular anxiety and panic, I think this can definitely help even so. The basic technique is shown here – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0GzSkUhRLbg . But it goes further into visualizing opening up your chest or stomach area and letting all that intense emotion pour out. That part of the process was by far one of the most valuable things I did to completely overcome the anxiety from Akathisia. The process is basic and simple but there is more to it than just what you’ll see here in this video. If it resonates for you at all, it’s worth looking further in to.

There’s another process called Ho’Oponopono. I don’t know a lot about it but I do know it’s a REALLY SOOTHING process . The process is simple and I’m absolutely sure there’s plenty of people demonstrating it on You Tube. Check it out!

Lastly, there’s someone named Ki Kaz, who has videos on You Tube which I partake in whenever I need a healing boost. I have no idea how/why they work, but I always feel better afterward. For some, the sounds may be annoying, for some it will probably be soothing, some might not notice anything either way. In my experience, his basic healing and room clearing ones are the most powerful of his collection. I don’t generally watch the videos, but just listen to the audio. Here’s a link to one of his audios – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gSpUhKN8IRk&index=16&list=PLoznZWG3YZquWLbkVDtGlGlUX-XPjH1W2

I know some of his stuff uses binaural beats, some I think are done in other ways, but again, I don’t understand the science behind his stuff, but I think you can learn more on his website. Just another tool you may want to explore.

Again, I have no affiliation whatsoever to any of these folks or their companies. These are simply things I have found through the years to be the best of the best in “alternative” healing.

I am not a doctor, not a health practitioner in any way. I am simply someone who has been there and these are things I believe in. Some will probably be wonderful for you and some may not resonate for you at all, pick and choose what feels best TO YOU!

Godspeed in your recovery journey! You WILL recover. XO

86 thoughts on “UPDATED Suggestions for Healing Akathisia

  1. Hi Angie, I am on my second round of akathisia . I found your page two years ago and it gave me a lot of comfort. I healed after 9 months. Was so happy. It only lasted a year before I was prescribed another med due to psychosis. I am really bummed out. I appreciate your info. I am also on other Facebook support sites like living with akathisia, which is run by Josh and Aimee Jenson. I still have to taper off of a 2.5mg dose of olanzapine. So, I have a way to go.

    1. Patty,

      I’m so sorry to hear you’re dealing with akathisia again. I hope they find a safer treatment for you. Have you looked into a natural approach? I am not a doctor and cannot recommend any medical treatment or foregoing treatment your doctor gives, but can just say it might be useful to look into natural/complimentary treatments. I remember being amazed at the info I learned when watching “Feed Your Head”. It’s a short documentary on the value of vitamins for mental health. Fascinating watch if nothing else! Keep us posted with how you’re doing.

      All my best,

  2. Today has been 2 months since I was given compazine in IV form for a migraine. For 2 months I’ve been on a roller coaster of emotions and am now seeing a neurologist. Did anyone experience random muscle twitching? Sometimes it feels like a thump sometimes it actually twitches for a second. Mine are all over my body maybe it could be described as a quick spasm. Some days are better than others. Ive been going to acupuncture and he mentioned dopamine because compazine blocks the dopamine receptor D2. Today I started Macuna powder and a few days ago I busted my protein intake and amino acid foods to increase dopamine. I don’t know if this will work. My mood seems to be improving slightly, but the twitches still come and go and causes floods of anxiety to come back

    1. Katie,

      If you look around and read other people’s experiences you’ll find many people have neurological symptoms with akathisia. It’s quite common. I’m sorry you’re going through this, but it sounds like you are at least having some fairly tolerable days at this point. That’s great!

      I think experimenting with what foods work for or against your healing response is a fantastic idea! People often overlook how powerful simply adjusting diet can be, especially when hormones and nervous system are involved. I’d love it if you keep us posted with what seems to work and what doesn’t work and just check in and share how you’re doing on a whole.

      All my best,

    2. Angie,

      Thank you for responding. I am having success with the high protein diet. I make sure to consume about 60g a day spread out in 20g increments (if I don’t my muscles get weak/painful and the twitching ramps up) I discontinued the Macuna powder/velvet beans after 3 days because I felt it made things worse it could have also been the vitamin D so I just cut both out. One thing that seems to be helping with sleep is ginger detox foot pads from amazon. They have vitamin C in them as well as some other natural things. If I skip the foot pad I wake up about every hr feeling nauseous and anxious. I hope this may be helpful to anyone else suffering!

    3. Thank you Katie! Yes, definitely helpful. Keep us posted.. I’m really glad you’re finding things that work. : )

    4. I am really struggling the last few days. The muscle twitching has ramped up which makes the anxiety worse. The only thing that I can think of is that I have started my period. Last week I felt there was light at the end of the tunnel. My mental state is definitely still better then it was a month ago, but the physical symptoms seem to be lingering. Anyone else have that problem?

    5. Yes, it seems akathisia symptoms get worse around that time of the month. So it should let up soon!

  3. Hello Angie- I’ve recently seen since improvements in my recovery. I’ve been able to drive more, sit with family more and watch some tv. Phone calls are better. I can’t describe it but I am feeling more confident most of the time. I’m still limited as I’m sensitive to things and can get agitated at times but most of the time it is less intense. I’m trying to live life as normally as I can but also be aware of the symptoms and not overdo it. Generally, the restlessness and pacing has been gone. Maybe a small wave here and there with the restlessness but nothing for too long or intense. Sleep is still up and down depending on stress it seems. I am still sensitive at times to things like sounds, etc. I startle easily at times. There’s a part of me that thinks maybe I’m post the aka and getting close to recovery. Now I’m dealing with more drug affects. I’m just not sure. I do get some fear but it’s so much less than it was. Stress is hard to avoid with 3 kids and a wife. I’ve had some people tell me the best thing to do is try to live as normal as you can while being gentle. You used the Claire weeks method as you recovered; when did you know you that it wasn’t aka and it was anxiety? Was it obvious? I have to think feeling confident versus hopeless is a good sign for me right now even with the other symptoms. Some of the symptoms I have can also be anxiety? Who knows but I do know change is probably good with this.

    1. Hi Craig,

      This is good to hear! From what I know the residual anxiety after the major brunt of akathisia has passed is still really from the akathisia. From what I’ve seen, it goes away in due time as well. There’s no reason to think you’ll be stuck with anxiety, rather, look at it as the tail end of what you’ve been dealing with.

      Keep up the good work! 😀
      All my best,

  4. Today has been 2 months since I was given compazine in IV form for a migraine. For 2 months I’ve been on a roller coaster of emotions and am now seeing a neurologist. Did anyone experience random muscle twitching? Sometimes it feels like a thumb sometimes it actually twitches for a second. Mine are all over my body. Some days are better than others. Ive been going to acupuncture and he mentioned dopamine because compazine blocks the dopamine receptor D2. Today I started Macuna powder and a few days ago I busted my protein intake and amino acid foods to increase dopamine. I don’t know if this will work. My mood seems to be improving slightly, but the twitches still come and go and causes floods of anxiety to come back.

  5. I know these comments are older but I want to add that benadryl completely reversed my akathisia when in the hospital. If you are at your wits end, try this. It saved my life when I was given hydroxyzine (Visteril) for anxiety and within hours had to run to the hospital because of crippling akethesia. Hopefully this helps anyone.

    1. Wow! That’s great to hear! They had no idea what I was dealing with when it happened to me so I didn’t try Benadryl until many weeks later, at that point it was too late though seemed to take the edge off on bad days. Thank you for the info it’s definitely going to help someone!

    2. You got akathisia from vistoril? Isn’t that very similar to Benadryl? I’m glad your doing better though !!

  6. I’m still on the road to recovery and ever so slowly I’m improving. I’ve had better days with better mood and less restlessness. I’ve felt more like myself some days. I’m calmer in general. I’m thankful for. I still have waves of hard emotions and physical things but they do seem less intense most of the time. So I’m feeling better and I’m ready to get out more but my problem is driving seems too much. I’m still just sensitive to movement and things. TV is hard. Strangely talking on the phone is hard. Flashing lights on my phone. It is better for sure but still hard. I do drive short distances to the store or a drive through. I remember reading that driving was one of the last things that you had come back. Did you struggle with driving? I sometimes wonder if I need to challenge it more. Or for you did it just resolve one day. Thanks for your things on this!

    1. Craig,

      It sounds like you’re on your way. Being able to drive at all is a good sign actually! Yes, that was last and hardest thing for me to be able to get back to. Probably because it just really takes every bit of us, mentally and physically and all the stimulus is a lot when you’re healing from akathisia. TV and phone calls…yeah, all normal part of it. I’d say don’t push it on the driving, just do it when you have to and trust that it will just get easier until finally it’s no longer a problem.

      Keep us posted, you’ve got this!

    2. Thanks for your input! I know everyone’s time frame is different. If in recall you mentioned the quest of it for you was 6 months and then for a year or so you dealt with sunder other lingering issues like anxiety. Was tv, phone, driving returning all during the year after the worst of it? I’m guessing. Like I said I’m slowly getting better. Some days are harder than others. But as a whole I’m more interactive and I have better emotions here and there through the day. Mornings are still hard but again better than a few months ago. In did sleep 7 hours straight last night. Weirdly the morning was harder but that’s ok. I guess I’ll be patient and just do things as I can. Thanks!

    3. After the hardest part was over driving for me was back to normal. The residual several months was mostly just anxiety and some weird bodily sensations. 7 straight is great! You’re definitely on your way : )

    4. I know these comments are older but I want to add that benadryl completely reversed my akathisia when in thy hospital. If you are at your wits end, try this. It saved my life when I was given hydroxyzine (Visteril) for anxiety and within hours had to run to thing hospital because of crippling akethesia. Hopefully this helps anyone.

  7. Thank you Angie! Yes the phases and waves of this are challenging. I think I’ve left the high energy phase where you just have to be moving all the time to ac almost sad and depressed phase. Emotionally fragile? It’s hard to describe. Have you seen people go through this? They end up in a depressed state before they are better?

    1. Yeah, all those fluctuations just seem to be part of it. It feels like you’ll never pull through it, never get back to your normal self, but rest assured you WILL! : ) From my vantage point it looks like you’re coming through this quite well actually. Trust the process of healing.

  8. Hello- well it’s been a few months since I’ve posted here and it’s been a wild ride. I was tapering melatonin because when I tried to just stop it my akathisia ramped up dramatically. Long story short after much research and conversions with many people that have healed taking it, I decided to stay put in .23mg until my aka resolves. One women I spoke to was in aka and stopped her melatonin over 6 Weeks time and her symptoms went haywire so about a month later she started it again. 6 weeks later the aka left her all together. A month or so later she stopped melatonin cold Turkey. No issues. I don’t believe melatonin causes aka from what I can gather. But if you have aka and take melatonin it can flare your symptoms. Or if you are taking it regularly while you have aka and he stop it things can flare up like with me. I’m not an expert by any means but but me the aka was from lexapro or buspirone.

    Now on to my question; it seems my aka has really dropped off. The agitation, restlessness and need to move is very minimal if at all the past few weeks. My fear has been up and down. My sensitivity to stimulus has also improved but I do get waves like today. Today I’ve had fear and distress. Some anxiety. Sleep is not perfect but I do get 5ish hours straight then another 1-2 many nights. 2 nights ago I slept 7 straight. I’ve been more down, fatigued, tired feelings lately. Do you see aka heal in stages? Like the adrenaline starts to leave and your left with some other lesser intense but still hard symptoms? I’m just curious.

    I’m plugging along. Driving is still not great and car rides in general are challenging but they are better that 2 months ago. I’m also watching tv more often which I hasn’t done in 15 months. I’m also more interactive with my family when I’m with them. It’s easier to talk and be around them extended periods of time versus feeling like I need to run out getting agitated.

    Thanks for all that you do!

    1. Craig,

      Absolutely! I’m really glad to hear you’re moving well along the healing path 😀 Stages and waves and 3 steps forward and 2 steps back, etc and so on is EXACTLY how the healing process goes. I also agree about the melatonin. It was suggested to me for insomnia after akathisia, but I did my research and found that it was just too risky. I’ve also known people who have taken it that never had akathisia and it caused anxiety for them if they then didn’t take it. Too risky as far as I’m concerned. Better to be a little sleep deprived!

      Anyway, just really glad to hear about your progress! Keep taking time for yourself to soothe your nerves. : )


  9. Hi Angie ,
    Just a quick question. When in the throes of Akathisia, does stress and stimulation cause severe waves and make it worse ? If someone is feeling better and resumes a normal lifestyle that’s stressful and somewhat stimulating, would that stir things back up ?

    1. Hi Jeff,
      Absolutely. Is this what’s happening for you? If so, is there any way to scale things back a bit and work your way slowly back into your normal schedule?


    2. Hi Angie ,
      Yes, I was recovering from withdrawal Akathisia from Lexapro nicely. I was about 75-80% recovered , but I had to take antibiotics and some pain medication for a kidney stone. The Akathisia came back twice as strong. After about 4 months it started easing off some. A series of intense stressors and stimulating events happened for about a week. Now the Akathisia is three times as bad. That was two months ago. I never knew Akathisia could be ramped up by stress and stimulation. I thought it was a medication thing. I will do exactly what you say and tone it down A LOT !! I haven’t taken any medication since the kidney stone 8 months ago.

    3. Jeff,

      Yeah, since I’m not a doctor I’m not sure why it happens that way. I could make a guess at it, but I’m not sure. I just know that it happened that way for me and most people I’ve talked to as they were working their way through akathisia. Although from what I’ve seen just about any med can cause relapse, I think it might be helpful to name those two meds so others may know what relit the akathisia for you.

      I’d just suggest going back to the things you were doing that were working toward healing before and yes, definitely scaling back stimulating and stressful activities will help. Soothing activities, nature, sun, water, clean foods. These all seem to be helpful. If you believe in energetic healing, that could be another tool to get you through the healing process quicker.

      All my best,

    4. Hi Angie,
      Yes, The ER doctors gave me :
      1 dose of Morphine
      1 dose of Dilaudid
      1 dose of Toradol (nsaid)

      Then like I said, about 4-5 months after that I did start to improve but got extremely careless and overstimulated myself and now I’m at square one.

      I really appreciate your responses and input on my situation.

    5. Thank you for sharing the info. It seems like Dilaudid would likely be the culprit here. Lists akathisia symptoms as possible reactions. The others don’t, BUT you never totally know. I don’t think it’s careless to try to get back into the flow of life once you think you’re feeling better. Just may take a more gradual approach.

    6. Yeah, I wish it wasn’t a small cocktail of drugs and just one drug that relit all this for me. It makes me think I’m more complex and my healing will more complicated. I’ve read the affects of opiates and antibiotics. If I could do it all over again I truly would’ve bit on a stick for the pain and chanced infection with no antibiotics. Then I say to myself “I was getting better then I overdid things quite substantially “ now I’m at my worst. So it makes sense, but when you’re in Severe Akathisia , all those fears run wild.

    7. Yeah. Easier to know when you can be sure. That’s just my guess. Any drug that has a side effect that says fear, anxiety, agitation, thoughts of suicide…you can be sure they’re talking about akathisia. They know they’re talking about akathisia. But they won’t admit the prevalence or risk. Is what it is. All you can do is do what you know will help you heal. I’m really sorry you’re going through this again. No reason to think it will take longer though. I’d say it will take LESS time. You know what helps and what doesn’t. This will be very helpful!

    8. Ok, one last question. I read somewhere in here where you said “the more you let anxiety about the anxiety take up time in your thoughts , the longer your healing will take. “. That makes total sense. So, in short, if one can minimize the amount of worry/anxiety/stress about what they’re going through the better the healing might be ? I know it’s difficult to not worry about severe Akathisia but if one can minimize it the better for healing ? Hope I’m making sense.

      Thanks again for your efforts Angie. You’re helping so many people in so many different ways.

    9. Jeff,, Yes, absolutely. I have been studying psychology for decades and earned an MA in psychology. From everything I know,, how you focus your thoughts has A LOT to do with how the brain fires. It’s ultimately VERY helpful to keep as many positive and uplifting thoughts going on as possible. Keep us posted with your progress. : )

    10. Hi Angie,
      Do you think having Covid and recovering from it could set off a wave ?
      I’ve been told that having Covid is a tremendous amount of stress on the body, but I wanted to know you’re opinion.

    11. Hi Jeff,

      I’m not a doc so I couldn’t say. What would my guess be? Probably not. Just stress on the body isn’t likely to bring on akathisia. If some new offending med is taken, maybe.

      How are you doing?


    12. I’m still in my huge wave. I have to return to work and it’s very very difficult. My job is really easy and non stressful but just being in this state for 11 months now and still feeling the way I do. It seems like it gets better a little bit, and I’ll resume some of my life, but then it just gets terrible again.

    13. Jeff,

      I was hoping you were getting along better than that. I’m sorry. : ( It’s great you have a job that isn’t too stressful, that will make this so much easier. I think it’s a matter of getting “back to life” at smaller steps, that way you don’t send your system all out of balance again. Slooooowwwwww baby steps forward and nurturing your CNS best you can. I know you’ll be on the mend soon. You’re doing a lot better than before. It’s just a matter of time…


    14. Hi Angie,
      I wanted to ask you a quick question. In your opinion, does Akathisia heal even though you can experience stress and stimulating events, as long as no offending medication is taken ?

    15. Yes, absolutely! But whenever you can do things that soothe your nerves, make sure you do. It’ll get healing moving along more quickly, especially if you’re forced to be out there and involved in stimulating activities. Things that are soothing for most people may be: just being alone, hanging out in a nice warm shower or bath, taking a leisurely walk…

    16. Hi Angie,
      One thing that seems to rev up the Akathisia is sex. I go as long as I can without it but I have a girlfriend I absolutely must satisfy, plus my own needs. Can Akathisia still heal if one continues to have sex even though it seems to exacerbate Akathisia?

    17. Hi Jeff,
      I think you probably rev up the akathisia because sex stimulates the CNS, well the body and brain on a whole really. I wouldn’t worry too much about that. It probably does some bit of good too in all the positive chemical changes that you get from it as well.
      How are you doing all in all?

      All my best,

    18. Hi Angie.
      Honestly, I’m not good. After covid and some other stressors I am at my worst with Akathisia. I had to go to the hospital last week and the prescribed me a cocktail of offending drugs which I am slowly eliminating. I was prescribed Depakote, Abilify, and Ativan. I have discontinued abilify. I’m going to discuss with my doctor about discontinuing Depakote. I use Ativan PRN. Are your thoughts about Propranolol still the same ? Can one still heal if taking a dose of Propranolol? It’s so bad I really need something to take the edge off but if it’s just going to prolong things I need to know.


    19. Jeff, I’m sorry to hear that. From what I’ve seen Propranolol was the best solution for many people and they didn’t seem to have any issue titrating down off of it once they felt ready to do so. I think it’s a good option for a lot of people. You just have to see how it works for you.

      I think Depakote affects the brain so I don’t know how healing will go while on that?
      I hope you get some relief soon.

      All my best,

    20. Hi Angie.
      I’m still stuck on Depakote. I’ve reduced it from 1000mg to 625mg and I am definitely experiencing withdrawal effects. My Akathisia is so so bad right now. But here’s the thing. Last two weeks of June were so so much better. I remember resuming life and thinking how I was getting over all this. Then the bottom fell out again.

      If you don’t mind, can I ask your opinion on some things ?

      First, is it absolutely written in stone that a person has to be drug free in order to heal ? Are there any cases where the person stabilized on something and the Akathisia got better ?

      Second, have you ever heard of fumes from paint or varnish kicking up Akathisia? I was exposed to 2 days of varnish fumes from someone refinishing their floors next door from my work. The smell bled through the vents and ever since then my Akathisia has become 5 times worse. That was 2.5 weeks ago.


    21. Hi Jeff,

      I’m really sorry you’ve had a setback. I’m really not sure about being about to fully get rid of akathisia while still being on meds that affect that balance. I don’t think I’ve heard of much success with that, but that’s not to say it can’t happen! As far as the varnish goes, I think ANY extreme stressor to the body can definitely set things off kilter. I would go back to the things you know work to soothe your body and mind and you will probably get back in balance fairly quickly.

      Keep us posted.
      All my best,

  10. Sorry to bombard you with questions. This will hopefully be my last for a bit. You can probably ignore the others. Last night I took melatonin .105 versus the .110 it started at. So a very small cut. I had a horrible night. Terror like I’ve never felt. My muscles in throat and neck were not working right and my arms and legs were not working well. I did sleep on and off for several hours which is good. Last night I was desperate. I thought I was going to die. Things are calming down some this morning. I forced myself to walk for 20 minutes which was hard. I’m still worse than previous but better than last night. I’m hoping that if I stay put at the .105 for awhile it will all settle down. My question is do you know of anyone that has healed taking melatonin? I’m wondering if I can take it and still heal. I was making some progress. I’ll continue to taper but even slower if I need to if it calms it down. I’m so mad I didn’t know about melatonin a year ago. I would have stopped then. At least I dropped to a low dose. I’m hoping I just aggravated my system and that’s why it’s so reactive and if I let it settle down I’ll be able to taper off with less flare up but who knows. A part of me thinks if it’s this bad just do bigger cuts but I know it could be even worse. It is what it is. I’ll get through it.

    1. Craig,

      I’m so sorry to hear the awful night you had : ( I don’t think I’ve heard of anyone actively taking melatonin while healing, but I’m sure I haven’t heard of every scenario. Because it directly affects the situation I just don’t know. It doesn’t seem like you could regain the balance while taking the offending med, but I may be wrong. I don’t know if bigger cuts would give a different reaction. I wish I had some answers for you, I just don’t know. I think it’s best for you to use your intuition on this. I do this slow tapering is safer. And I’d say find a naturopathic doc you trust, even if they just do zoom appointments..it could be good to have someone with more experience in the realm of supplements help you along on the healing process.

      All my best,

    2. Hi Craig,
      I saw your post this evening. When I was going through akathisia I had insomnia pretty bad. I did some research and in many areas I read that melatonin does lower dopamine production. When someone changes their dopamine lowering antipsychotic med up or down akathisia can happen. I think your instincts are great. When someone makes a large cut in their antipsychotic or goes off cold turkey akathisia worsens and healing can be longer. I think calling someone who deals with supplements more would be helpful. It could be that cutting your dose in smaller amounts and waiting longer would be helpful. If the body heals from a great amount of antipsychotics and direct affects of akathisia I’m sure you will too.

    3. Hey J and Angie-

      Thank you both! My symptoms are slowly improving each day as i stay consistent on the dosage with the small cut of melatonin. I find I’m much worse in the mornings and as the day goes on, things improve. Last night i was feeling ‘normalish’ in that i was laughing and appreciating things. My plan is to hold on for a few more days and then cut again; assuming my symptoms are pretty constant and not getting worse. The naturopath suggested bigger cuts every 2 weeks. I’m kind of leery of making a bigger cut right now only because i did so many changes the past 3 weeks with it. I’ll probably do another .003 or so cut and see what happens. That is a tiny amount so i hope it had little impact. He suggested doing .010 cuts.

      I do have a question- is it typical that the symptoms are in the windows and waves pattern? So it’s like a roller coaster of different symptoms each day. Some days no appetite and ‘jumpy’ and super sensitive other days pacing. Some nights i sleep decent; other nights I’m up every 30 minutes. It’s such a roller coaster! Is this typical for healing? I always team myself that if a symptom disappears then that’sa good sign even if it returns because you know it’s not permanent. Anyway, just curious how people heal. It seems like you don spike in intensity and then slowly come down. Thanks again for your encouragement and support!

    4. Craig,

      Absolutely. That’s one of the things that makes the healing process so challenging, because it’s hard not to lose heart when you take 1 step forward then 2 steps back. It’s the way this goes. But the fact that you had a window where things were feeling fairly normal and you were able to find even a bit of joy is an AWESOME sign! I’d agree, if the small cuts are working, just keep on with that. I had residual weird symptoms and basic anxiety for probably a year after the full blown akathisia subsided. Everyone is different, but having weird symptoms, different ones day to day crop up here and there from what I know is normal.

      Keep on truckin! You’re doing great!

    5. One more question on the supplement front. I take magnesium glycinate; is that a problem in your experience?

    6. I can’t imagine a mineral being an issue,, especially magnesium. It’s so valuable for so many reasons and never heard of side effects other than some forms of it having a laxative effect. I would definitely keep taking it!

    7. Hi Angie – I’m seeing my doctor today and I’m going to ask about a propranolol rx as I’ve read here that it can help. I’m thinking as i start to cut my melatonin again this Week Id like to be prepared if things gets worse. I know you’ve seen people have success using it. When they Stop taking propranolol do get a rebound effect? I’m still up and down with symptoms. Functionally, I’m at a 3 out of 10 compared to 6 prior to my melatonin drastic changes. I’ve been on the same dose for about 8 days now and gradually I’m getting better. I’m so torn on whether to taper more but i guess at some point i have to. I don’t envision I’ll ever get ‘better’ enough to be stable while on it. I’m praying my cuts result in a very small change. We’ll see.

    8. Hi Craig,

      I haven’t heard of rebound after Propranolol. From what I’ve heard people stop taking it well after they’re feeling back to normal. No issues. I don’t think with the melatonin that it’s a matter of being well enough to take it, I think it causes akathisia in some people…either while or when trying to come off of it. I’ve had insomnia ever since akathisia many years ago, but refuse to try melatonin even though it’s been recommended to me many times. I think it’s risky for anyone and not worth the risk honestly. We definitely know even supplements considered to be benign and natural can cause side effects. My guess is you’ll have full resolution from symptoms once you’re able to be off of it altogether. I wish I had more concrete info for you..all I can go off of is what I’ve learned when helping others through their healing process.

      Keep us posted. I know it’s only a matter of time for you to get back to feeling great again!
      All my best,

    9. Hello Angie- First in should say that I’m generally doing much better and almost back to my ‘baseline’ for this journey. I’m convinced that the melatonin has been my problem most of this time. So if i take my time and taper off, I believe I’ll gradually get better albeit most likely with some flare ups along the way. But if i can manage the flare ups with a slow taper, propranolol and other techniques I’ll make it through ok.

      So the reason i decided to post something is I’ve been doing the Wim Hoff breathing and cold showers for the past few days and it may be coincidence but I’ve been having better days. Symptoms, especially the psychological ones, have been so much better. I’ve generally been calmer, more positive feeling. It’s probably the closest to normal I’ve felt in quite awhile. The affects seem to continue throughout the day for me b So I’m not suggesting people do it, but it’s worth a look. My understanding is it increases dopamine quite a bit (I’m sure depending how long you do it). Just thought I’d share something that seems to have potential to help in recovery.

    10. Wow! That’s amazing news 😀 I LOVE Wim and believe 100% in his program. Please keep us posted, this info could be very helpful to others. Thank you Craig.

  11. You’re going to get tired of me soon ! Lol! So I’m blaming my recent wave on my changes to melatonin. Now it does seem to coincide with the wave. What I’m thinking is the melatonin definitely pushed my back but what has really intensified this wave have been my actions. My 6 hours of driving 2 days after reducing the melatonin plus forgetting to take it that night started my bad wave. Prior to that i was just ‘off’. Then i calmed down some only to drive a week later for 3 hours. Again, backwards. Then i decided to do yard work in the heat after walking over an hour… i didn’t last long with the yard work. I’ve had some intense talks with my wife, my in laws are concerned, i canceled my families summer vacation since it requires 12 hours of driving. All very emotional things. I’ve ‘worked’ from home. I don’t do much outside of the house these days outside of my daily walk for 30-60 minutes depending on how I feel. I’ve had a few really tough nights and days but most have been hard and a few manageable. Again, I’m very limited in my activity outside of home. I guess I’m really worried about the melatonin because of the intense waves I’ve had but Looking back whenever i overdid it, i had intense waves. So I’m thinking i should continue to taper the melatonin very slowly and really control my activity. From my wife’s perspective, I’m way too limited but that’s ok. She really doesn’t totally get this. She’s supportive but believes is my anxiety. Kind of mind over matter. It can be really hard sometimes but I. have no choice. I’ll push through this wave and bring off the melatonin. Ive really considered just stopping it but in know that May send me into a much more intense wave. That’s not worth it. So slowly i will go. Tonight i will start with a 5% cut which is .00015 so I’m hoping that doesn’t even register much. On a side note, I’ve weighed all my capsules and the range in about .170-.149. Very big range that I’m sure is not good if you are sensitive. Maybe that could be playing into some of my fluctuating symptoms over time. This is really hard but i have to do it.

    1. Craig,

      It sounds like you’re really figuring things out. Only suggestion I would make is to have your wife read some of the stories on this or other akathisia sites. It’s MUCH MORE helpful when someone understands what you’re going through. I didn’t have anyone who understood or believed me when I was going through it and it made things MUCH harder. Akathisia is anxiety x1000. She needs to understand this. There’s just nothing that can totally make someone who hasn’t been through it understand how it feels and how truly incapacitating it is, but if she can have a clue it would be helpful for you and your relationship.

      All my best,

  12. Hello Again- well I’m in the throes of Akathisia again. Mine had calmed down a fair amount and now is back. I’m hoping it settles down quickly. I think the melatonin reduction like we talked about caused the issue. My plan right now is to go back to my original dose of.3 mg and hold tight for while and hope it calms down quickly. Once it does, I’ll decide what to do. I don’t know if the melatonin is slowing my recovery by taking it. I guess my question is when people reduce the drug or whatever they are on that is causing the aka, does it usually reduce the symptoms as they come off the drug? With me, I got worse so I’m wondering if melatonin is doing me harm. I know you don’t know that but I’m trying to make my plan to get off when the time is right off i need to. Does my question make sense?

    1. Hi Craig,

      Generally from what I’ve seen, when titrating off a med symptoms get worse before they get better. I’m not sure if going back up in dose will help or not. The issue is, when you cut down it upsets the dopamine/serotonin balance. I’m really sorry you’re dealing with another flare up, hopefully it’ll subside quickly. You could try to hold at whatever lower dose you’re at and let it ride a couple days and see if things balance and you get back to that better state you were in.. just not sure. I don’t think it’ll get worse, if you stay at whatever dose you’re at.

      Keep us posted..
      All my best,

    2. So I consulted a naturopath and I’m going to follow his taper. One thing I was doing wrong was emptying the powder out of the capsule and then taking the powder alone. He said that is not how it’s attended. Maybe absorbing through the tongue and mouth intensified my experience. Who knows. I’ll try the other way tonight with using the capsule. I think my aka started when I took the ADs. Initially it was more intense but it did lessen veer time until recently. I guess the melatonin is involved somehow so I’ll have to get off of it slowly and hope it’s not as severe the entire time and once I’m off I heal quickly. I’m praying. Thanks Angie!

    3. Oh! I’m glad you were able to find someone to consult with! Excellent..I’m glad he had some helpful advice for you.
      Keep us posted Craig.

      Sending good energy your way..

  13. I don’t mean to post 2 things in a row but I found an article that says withdrawing from melatonin can cause Akasthisia after long term use. I’ve taken melatonin for at least 2-3 years probably longer. All different strengths , etc. for the past 6 months I’ve done .3mg nightly. I recently reduced it to .15 (roughly) trying to taper off. My symptoms have been more intense recently with increased sensitivity and fear. I’ve also done driving,etc that could be triggering it. Regardless it’s worse the past few days. Probably the most intense to the point I’m not doing much so I can avoid stimulation. I’m wondering if the melatonin is playing a role in my symptoms? I went back to .3 last night and I did have less symptoms and I’m generally a little better. I think I’ll stay at .3 for awhile and let my symptoms relax and then I’ll get liquid melatonin and reduce to .2 for awhile and see what happens. Regardless I’ll taper very slowly and more precisely off of it knowing there is a chance of problems. And I’ll wait until I’m stable and hopefully more healed.

    1. Hi Craig,

      Yes, unfortunately I’ve heard of people having trouble with melatonin and akathisia before. I’d agree that a very slow taper would be the best option. Try finding a naturopathic doc in your area, they would be most suited to help you through the process I think.

      Keep us posted.
      All my best,

  14. I’m feeling symptoms ten months from stopping meds. It’s not as bad as the beginning of severe akathisia but still have tremor, muscle twitching, digestive issues, sleep issues and anxiety. I’m able to function normally but know I’m still recovering. People wouldn’t ever know my problems. I’ve been to many types of doctors but my naturopath gave me info that I want to share. I had some urine testing which checks for systematic fungus, infections, vitamins and chemistry. What came out was a surprise but a nod in the direction of central nervous system. My B6, was low, dopamine, serotonin, and epinephrine were low. (Dopamine was off the chart low.) When I went back and looked at what my offending med Latuda blocked it was dopamine, serotonin, and epinephrine. Urine test doesn’t say what is happening with brain chemistry but what receptors in your body are doing. I’m certain there’s some connection to all my symptoms being akathisia and medication related. (Even though most doctors have said it’s just stress now.

  15. I cut out pantoprazole and noted a difference. Pantoprazole kills gut bacteria and I read an article about how the gut microbiome helps regulate dopamine through the vagus nerve. Also for people harmed by Reglan/metoclopramide if you google metoclopramide withdrawal there is an interesting article which includes novel treatment ideas. Particularly for people who swing between sets of symptoms….akathisia-parkinsonism. Not the usual give them a horrific psyche drug and watch the rebound the other way.

    1. Here are things I found useful – Cutting out all medication. I had a reaction to metoclopramide and since cannot take drugs that I was previously ok with.
      I found this article on the relationship between akathisia and calcium/magnesium – https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/m/pubmed/496555/
      The relationship between dopamine and probiotics -https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC4259177/
      As well as listening to your body about the causes and what may be keeping the reaction going. I had numerous adverse reactions and found out that pantoprazole depletes calcium/magnesium (see above)

    2. I also noticed this. I did some research and found proton pump inhibitors affect the D2 dopamine receptors which is also what the drug Latuda ( which caused my akathisia) also affects. There may be some relation to the D2 receptor. There’s definitely a relation to dopamine which all antipsychotics inhibit. I’ve since done research and am careful with any food or med that can up or down dopamine as it may throw off the healing of akathisia. I noticed certain nuts did this.

  16. Hello,

    I have had sever akathisia for 5 months due to reglan. At first I didn’t know what it was so they started putting me on antidepressants (although I’ve been on them for many years). Now I’m on low doses of 2 antidepressants, gabapentin and klonipin (.5mg) I’m currently trying to wean off of the anti depressants to ease any possible symptoms that I can but I also have bad depression and anxiety as is so this is very hard. I need hope that this can go away. I have two kids and sadly suicide has crossed my mind. I need help and hope!

    1. Michaela,

      I’m very sorry you’re suffering with this. You can find many stories on here of people who have been through it and you will see it DOES resolve in time. I’m not a mental health professional, nor a doctor, so I can’t advise. But always if you feel you’re in danger please seek medical help.Suicidal thoughts are part of akathisia, just keep that in mind. The thoughts will be there, but just KNOW this will go away.

      Please try to follow whatever suggestions for healing resonate for you. Getting your body/mind back in balance is key and the more things you do to soothe the CNS the better.

      All my best,

  17. Has anyone tried PEMF therapy for anxiety? I am 15 months from Akathisia onset and probably 5 months from when healing was really felt. I consider myself as coming into balance. A holistic dr. put me on a PEMF mat and at first I felt nothing. But later that day I realized that I was energetic and had no anxiety. But I’m cautious. I’ve used the mat 3 times so far. Since I also developed Tardive Disconesia coming off of meds I deal with additional symptoms like a hatband headache that flares up multiple times during the day and I fear that the PEMF therapy might be making them worse. So… any feedback?

  18. I have tried Himalayan salts which has a lot more minerals whereas regular salt has just sodium. I also take a supplement called Supra Mega Minerals. I have read that glutamate is the excitatory neurotransmitter that needs to be lessened in akathisia. the supplements to help with this are cur cumin, grape seed oil, GABA, 5HTP. I have tried taking them 1 at a time and end up with severe muscle cramps and insomnia. The mineral supplements stop the cramps. Has anyone tried any of these supplements and had any luck? It’s frustrating to read so much about how these supplements help with brain chemistry and it only makes mine worse.

    1. Hi Marie,

      I’ve heard of GABA and 5-HTP causing anxiety and akathisia like symptoms for people before. So not sure I’d recommend messing with those. The other stuff you mentioned shouldn’t cause issues so far as I know. I’ve never heard of Supra Mega Minerals.. curious to read about that.

      Thank you for sharing. Maybe just stick with the minerals and curcumin, grape seed for now and see how you level out?

      All my best,

    2. Thanks Angie,

      The curcumin, grape seed extract, glutathione all cause severe cramping and insomnia. I am starting to wake at 4 am and take 10 mg valium to get 2 hours sleep then take another 10 mg for another 2 hours sleep. At first the GABA, 5HTP started helping but I think I was taking it 2x/day so it backfired. I really need to take only 1 a day or every other day. I’m just wondering if anyone else is experimenting with a variety of supplements that are supposed to correct brain chemistry.

    3. Zinc can have similar effects to 5htp due to it being a precusor in the chain to making serotonin. Neither were good for me.

  19. I’ve found that a pinch or two of Himalayan salt in a glass of water several times a day can reduce my akathisia symptoms. I have also utilized TRE’s, or Trauma Release Exercises before bed to help me get to sleep if the symptoms are bothering me.

    1. Zach,

      Thank you so much for sharing some tips that work for you! 😀
      Glad to hear you’re finding stuff that helps.

      All my best,

    2. I think akathisia might have something to do with histamine, although there’s probably a lot more to it than just that. I’m hardly an expert on the human body, but it does seem that eating a low-histamine diet helps me (and I’ve heard the same from other sufferers). Natural salt is a natural anti-histamine, which may explain the good it seems to do for me. I should add, however, that taking over-the-counter antihistamines is probably a bad idea for treating this condition since, in my case, I happen to have suffered a particularly nasty rebound effect from taking Benadryl for sleep – it ended up making my akathisia even worse.

      Just a few thoughts. I’m really grateful for your site, Angie.

    3. Zach,

      Thank you for this input. Interestingly, about a year after healing I started on a detox program for overall health and was doing salt water each morning. I can say my mental state vastly improved during this time and onward from there. Now I have to wonder if this had something to do with finalizing getting things back into balance. I had never considered sea salt to have an impact on one’s mental state, but maybe so.

      It will be interesting to hear from anyone dealing with active akathisia symptoms who may try this. I would say though, that it should be researched first, as far as how to go about using salt water. I found the recommended amounts to start with were too high for me, I did very little but noticed quite a good detox with just that pinch.

      Thank you for sharing Zach!

      All my best,

    4. Zach, benadryl is an anticholinergic so not just a regular antihistimine. Anticholinergics are used to treat parkinsonism. I agree about histamine, started to have histamine reactions around 5 years ago and liver was inflamed. Querying some role of metabolism in this due to the inflammation and role of cyp450 enzymes.

    1. Kim,

      The whole top half is just the navigation selections. Are you having trouble viewing the bottom or scrolling the contents on the bottom portion? Is anyone else having issues viewing the site?

      Thank you,

  20. I have found some info on balancing GABA/glutamate at holistichelp.net. I’ve had akathisia for 2.5 years and have tried going to a nutritionist that helped a little at first but everything he gave me later on just gave me insomnia since he told me to take stuff 2x per day to start. Now I’m going on my own again. I have read from holistic help about the need to take supplements very slowly. Take a little and see how it affects you. Now I’m trying curcumin once every other day. I have read that it lowers glutamate which is the main excitatory neurotransmitter. I have also found a RLS blog that gives helpful supplements. I think everyone is so different that it takes a lot of experimentation and patience.
    My worst problem with this is the debilitating depression I’ve had with this. If i get up to try and be active, the agitation gets too bad and I just want to lie down and watch TV and calm down. I’m trying walking now but have to get muscles in my butt on ice as they feel like they are in a vice grip when I’m active.
    Would you believe my movement disorders Dr. tells me akathisia doesn’t affect sleep and I must have a sleep disorder!! My goal is to get off the lorazepam I.5 mg and Remeron 45 mg that I take to sleep so I can quit the AMA system,

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