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For whatever reason, I get many more emails during the last few months of the year, which tells me Akathisia really booms during this time. I have some ideas why, but that’s not the point here. The point is, I’m currently in contact with so many people who are deeply hurting and miserable, so I’ve decided to add even more info on healing. Everything listed here I have used in my own life; some for healing when in crisis and also some I still use for basic maintenance. It’s very personal for me to share all of this information. And to those who don’t have much experience with, or belief in, alternative and Eastern therapies,  I just hope that the “alternative” nature of the healing modalities I believe in doesn’t skew your respect for this website and the work that’s being done here to assist you all. I want you all to stay engaged here and gain whatever help it may give, as well as, continue to work with and support each other through your healing journeys.

Just please take what seems interesting to you and leave behind anything that doesn’t feel right to you. Period.

I have great faith in each of these products/modalities –


I have read that color therapy can work wonders in soothing the brain and central nervous system.

The only issue is, I’ve read that pink is the right color, also aqua and sometimes blue and sometimes green, depending on the type of imbalance.

SO – I do think it’s a valuable modality, but I think it’s important to figure out what feels good and right for you in the moment. The body is always changing, so it would make sense that the best, most therapeutic color would depend on whatever state the body/mind are in at the time you decide to use color therapy.

That being said, I have found two good options for implementing it. One good for when you’re in bright, or daylight and one when it’s dark or you can close yourself up in a dark room to use it.

This is the Philips Living Colors line:

And here is a basic link for color therapy glasses:

I do not have any affiliation with either company. I had been looking for a color therapy light for a very long time when I finally found the Philips. It’s the only of its kind that I’m aware of, but that doesn’t mean others don’t exist.

As far as the glasses go, I think you can get them pretty cheap on Amazon. I don’t want to give a particular Amazon link though because I know many who read this blog are in other countries. So I’m sure you can easily find some within your area with a quick online search. I know the Philips lights are available on Ebay and Amazon as well, I purchased mine from Ebay, but I believe both places sell them for less than the actual Philips website.



There are a couple DVDs that have been very uplifting and/or healing for me as well, so I think they’re worth mentioning.

Happy! – This is a documentary about happiness and the way the brain creates moods. Uplifting and informative. I got it on Amazon, not sure if you can get it elsewhere, I’m guessing you can.

One Track Heart – This is a documentary about Krishna Das’ path to healing. This is about the power of healing, musical chanting. I will list his music under the Audio section as well. I came upon his music when I was in the tail end of my healing path and found it to be VERY soothing and uplifting all at once.

OSHO Dynamic Meditation – This is an instructional DVD for an extreme style of meditation that can really bring about a shift inside. If you are highly agitated, this form of meditation is essential for healing, in my opinion.

Again, I’m not affiliated with any of these folks whatsoever, other than utilizing and enjoying the products they have put out there to help others.


BOOKS (This can be found at as well for those who can’t sit and read yet)

Hope & Help for Your Nerves by Claire Weekes – This is one of the best books ever written on anxiety. It was written quite a long time ago, but her take on how to get through it is really perfect. This is a great book for when you’re out of severe Akathisia and working your way through residual anxiety. Though I think the way she suggests letting the bad feelings flow through you, without judgment and resistance can be helpful even in the grips of Akathisia.



I have not read all of the contents on this website. I found it when searching for healing. I found one of the chants to be very helpful in calming the body/mind. I find I feel very calm and my whole being feels deeply soothed and more positive after chanting this in an upbeat melody for several minutes – Om Namo Bhagavate Vasudevaya.

This a chart of ailments and then correlating chants applicable to whatever symptoms you’re suffering:

(It shows this chant I mentioned above useful for giddiness.)

Spiritual Healing Chants _Opt

Here’s the link to the chant instructions:



I believe most of these can be found on Amazon, but I’m sure other places as well with a simple online search.

Margaret Gilfoyle is someone I came across by happenstance during an online search. I can’t say much of the recording quality of her CD set, but there is something profound about the effect of these recordings, even so. I highly recommend getting the Breath of Light 3 CD set and using it regularly.


The Energetic Detox recordings by Now Healing are also very helpful. When I first listened to this, I honestly thought it was a bunch of hooey. But I always try to give the benefit of the doubt until I can then prove something otherwise. So, I tried these recordings out a couple times and interestingly found some of the chronic health issues I was dealing with at the time were clearing up rather quickly. I only had purchased an intro pack that gives a few of her recordings, so I haven’t tried to work through her whole system, but I’m guessing that could lead to even more profound healing. No idea how this works, but my personal experience says it’s totally worth your time.


Shamanic Dream by Anaguma is a form of sound therapy that REALLY relaxes the body/mind. There are many other CDs, but this one is by far the most relaxing.


William (Bill) Farber puts out some interesting guided healing audios. He also does guided regressive hypnosis. I believe he’s one of the best at what he does and is worth looking into.


Patti Conklin offers a very quick guided color healing meditation CD called Color Works. It’s about 15 minutes, but it also can be very soothing and create some good changes inside.


Duncan McColl does some profound guided healing audios. He is no longer with us, but his work lives on! This is the one place I know to get his recordings still. The Self Healing with Hypnosis definitely helped me along the healing path from Akathisia.


Chakradance also puts out something interesting. You might feel a little silly the first couple times trying it, but it definitely has a cathartic/healing effect on the body and mind.

Rhythm For Your Soul (A Guided Dance Journey Through Your 7 Chakras)


Krishna Das has put out quite a bit of chant music, but Chants of a Lifetime is definitely the best, in my opinion. You can only understand how it will affect you once you sit down and immerse yourself in it. There’s nothing wacky about what he’s doing, it’s a very honest and straightforward American interpretation of an ancient healing modality and he’s simply the best at delivering a sound experience that truly heals the soul.


I don’t know much about Andy Dolph. I learned of him somewhere and then got his Journey of Relaxation and wow! Effective! That’s all I can say. Totally worth giving a try. I just checked online and found you can get this recording for FREE!


If there are any other practitioners, modalities, philosophies, supplements, vitamins, etc. and so forth that you believe help and haven’t been mentioned, please feel free to post a comment.




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